The complex tapers of the bore,  perfectly matched with tone hole placement and shape greatly affect tone, tuning and the overall playing ‘feel’.    Pair your clarinet to a matching design of mouthpiece for best results.   Our guide will help you find your perfect setup. bore

Hanson T series clarinets are available in the following bore sizes and shapes to suit your taste.

‘English’ bore.

bore-englishA large bore (15.3mm) clarinet based on traditional designs from English makers of the 1950’s.   Our ‘English bore’ clarinets have a broad homogenous tone;  darker and less focussed than the smaller ‘French bore’ instruments.   Favoured by Jazz and Symphonic players alike, this clarinet has a sound reminiscent of recordings from the big band era. Famous ‘English bore’ clarinets include the Boosey and Hawkes 10-10.  Like the 10-10 our large bore clarinets play best when used with a matching large bore mouthpiece.
  • Large bore (15.3mm) with a polycylindrical shape.

  • Dark, homogenous tone.

  • Works best with a matching large bore mouthpiece.


‘French’ bore

bore-frenchA medium bore (14.7mm) clarinet based on popular designs from predominately French makers of the 20th century.  Our ‘French bore’ clarinets have a superb focussed tone quality, somewhat brighter than the English bore instruments.  A great ‘all-rounder’ equally at home in the orchestra, wind band, or jazz band for section players or soloists.  Famous ‘French bore’ clarinets include the Buffet R13 and Selmer 10G.
  • Medium bore (14.7mm) with a polycylindrical shape.

  • Bright and focussed sound.

  • Excellent intonation.

  • A great ‘all-rounder’.


Symphony bore.

bore-symphonyA medium bore (14.65mm) clarinet with a longer taper to the top joint.   Particularly free blowing whilst retaining a very good focus to the tone and excellent intonation. A favourite of section leaders and soloists and the most popular choice on our T6 and T7 models.
  • Medium bore (14.65mm) with a longer  taper to the top joint.

  • Free blowing, great focussed and excellent intonation.

  • Works best with a large chamber and wide tip mouthpiece.


Jazz bore.

bore-jazz A large bore (14.9mm) clarinet with a longer tapered start and finish.   This clarinet delivers a bright and powerful sound with good focus to the tone.   It feels more open to play than the English or French bore models.  Straighter tone holes give less possibilities for tuning individual notes and the good control is needed from the player to get the best out of this model.  Make a statement with this instrument and don’t be shy. You will be noticed for all the right reasons! Works best with mouthpieces with larger tip openings and big chambers.
  • Large bore (14.9mm) with a conical dual taper shape.

  • Bright, powerful and focussed tone.

  • Works best with a large chamber and wide tip mouthpiece.

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